Turquoise pottery

Updated: Sep 20

I was always mad about turquoise. Probably because I was born at the harbor. Looking at the sea from my window was such a normal thing.

Some of the glazes I make myself, others - I buy.

Turquoise mat glaze I found at my favorite Brno pottery shop. Being there so often, meeting with the sales - lady from the shop is like meeting a highschool friend, always sharing that special kind of humor only two of us understand.

She (let us call her Katarina) introduced me to turquoise, because Katerina knows I use high-firing glazes.

Now, I was a bit skeptical, because all I knew were shiny glazes.

Katerina, I told her, I could try with this one, and see how it wil turn out.

First firing - glaze was too weak.

Second firing, too tick and made bubbles.

Third firing - I knew I have found something special.

Each handmade fair, each gallery or Etsy sale just supports that revelation.

If You would have any questions or would like to order, be free to write me at melitas.eu@gmail.com:)