The magic of turquoise

Updated: May 22

Turquoise. Vibrant, joyful, mystic, absolutely gorgeous.

A special shade of blue patroned by egyptian goddess Hator, fertile, divine lover., also called the Lady of - turquoise.

Word turquoise comes from French language and it means Turkish. Just as Turkish sea.

But for me, it is the colour of Adriatic sea, reminding me of islands and clear blue waters of my youth.

Turquoise can be conected with intuition, serenity and wisdom.

Especialy if You are a kind of person who sees mystical meanings everywhere.

Like the autor of this blog: show me a tree, a cloud, a cake, or a chewing gum, I see it.

And there definitely is something magnetic and unexplainable about this color.

As if it would be a colour of something inside of us.

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