The magic of turquoise

Updated: Mar 14

Turquoise. Isn't it a most beautiful color?

Vibrant, joyful, mystic, absolutely gorgeous.

Mineral turquoise, blue with a magic touch of green is considered to be one of most precious.

A symbol of egyptian goddess Hator, fertile, feminine divine lover also called

Lady of - turquoise.

Tutankamon, the youthful pharaon himself, has it inlaid in his afterlife burial mask with gold, lapis lazuli and coloured glass.

Not only Egyptians, but also Aztecs, Chines and Persians were charmed whit its colour.

The sea

Word turquoise comes from French language and it means Turkish. Just as Turkish sea.

For me it is colour of Adriatic sea, reminding me of islands and clear blue water surrounding it. It is a color of waters of my youth, but I guess it is shade of every warm sea in summer.

Mystical meaning

I am a kind of person who sees mystical meanings everywhere.

Show me a tree, a cloud, a cake, or a chewing gum, I see it.

Turquoise is often conected with intuition, serenity and wisdom.

Because it is something magnetic and unexplainable about it.

As if it would be a colour of something inside of us.

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