Single mug person (modern nomad).

Updated: Jul 23

Now let say that Single Mug Person is a modern nomad.

Living in a big city, after few years maybe moving to a smaller one, then to some distant village, then back to the city, because the number of people You could meet on a dusty road on a weekend was terribly low.

Moving around, her/his things spend some time in paper boxes every one, two years. Solution is obvious: buying less and less things, just not to pack them - again.

So he or she chooses a mug carefully: You should choose color, style, shape, volume, a way it feels in a hand.

Mug not too big, otherwise warm coffee will lay half empty in a mug, it can look a bit sad.

But not too small, some tea has to fit inside!

Wine? Why not, then a cup with no handle is neaded.

This way You can hug it and hold it with both hands, all around the cup.

Your own private universe and nobody else has to know it.

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